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"Good teachers perceive the world in alternative terms, and they push their students to test out these new, potentially enriching perspectives. Sometimes they do so in ways that are, to say the least, peculiar."
Mark Edmundson, "Geek Lessons" NYT, 2008

Monday, 9 February 2009

b e a m - m e - up / THE NOWHERE DANCE

PROJECT LAUNCH / a work in progress 2009/10

b e a m - m e - up ONLINE ART MAGAZIN
with art, field studies and essays about space.


We invite you to THE NOWHERE DANCE

A performance at Alan Sondheim's Second Life exhibition "The
Accidental Artist"

Alan Sondheim: "We'll teleport people into an installation which has
been constructed over a period of eight months. It represents nothing of
architecture, fantasy, or surrealism; it's a space unlike anything in
the real world. It's difficult to move through, a field of alien processes
which has a life of its own. Sandy Baldwin and I will dance through and
around it - on the ground, in the air, and on the ocean floor. Part of
the dance will be based on learning to move around; part will be based on
adding to the clutter."

To access the performance site read more on:

Date of the performance: Wednesday, Feb 11
USA West Coast Time: 8 AM / US East Coast Time: 11 AM
Europe MEZ/CET: 5 PM / GB: 4 PM
Asia: Mumbai, Bangalore: 9.30 PM / Shanghai, Beijing: 12 PM / Tokio: 1


on the project b e a m - m e - up:

Our understanding of space is changing for generations. In the digital
age we use terms like Cyberspace, Globalization and World Wide Web, even
though we have hardly understood the old electro-spaces like power
supply systems, telephone and broadcasting. By means of audio-visual
transportation we conquer new spaces, which present themselves as both
picture space and space of action, place of signs and of real

With the online project beam me up we invite artists and authors from
different countries to concern themselves with space concepts in the
form of art contributions and essays.

Artists (realised and promised contributions)

Angela Bulloch, London / Abhishek Hazra, Bangalore / Samuel Herzog,
/ Hu Jie Ming, Shanghai / Esther Hunziker, Basel / jodi.org, Dordrecht
Knowbotic Research, Z*rich / Agnes Meyer-Brandis, K*ln / Alan Sondheim,

New York / Monica Studer & Christoph van den Berg, Basel / Carlo Zanni,

Milano / Li Zhen Hua, Beijing / More artist's contributions will be
uploaded during the coming months.

Curators / Authors

Sarah Cook, Newcastle / Estee Oarsed, Bangalore / Stefan Riekeles, Les
Jardins des Pilotes, Berlin / Annette Schindler, Basel / Zhang
Lansheng,Shanghai / NN. USA / Reinhard Storz, xcult.org (project director) /
Theguest curators are designated to each invite two to three artists and

Other scientific authors: Martin Brauen, NY / Christina Vagt, Berlin

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