...really good teaching is about not seeing the world the way that everyone else does...

"Good teachers perceive the world in alternative terms, and they push their students to test out these new, potentially enriching perspectives. Sometimes they do so in ways that are, to say the least, peculiar."
Mark Edmundson, "Geek Lessons" NYT, 2008

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Assignment for Synthesis Studios (Week 17)


Assignment for Synthesis Studios (Week 17):
Working individually, identify a site that you wish to explore for its potential for triggering play. From this context you will define a theme that will engage people in playing. This theme will be then developed in two directions:

1. On Monday 20 April:
You will present a way to engage in play by using performance + space. Audience or participants? Space or place? You decide, but be prepared to justify your decisions.

2. On Wednesday 22:
You will present the same theme, but this time the emphasis will be placed on the artefact – i.e. the materials that mediate that engagement. Incorporate also the feedback you received from the Monday (20 April) seminar to refine further your design for triggering play, now involoving site, agency and materials/media.

Monday (20/4), a film, play or performance that enacts the play(ing).
Wednesday (22/4), a scenario that incorporates a 2D-3D model of the design that triggers play(ing).

See handout.

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