...really good teaching is about not seeing the world the way that everyone else does...

"Good teachers perceive the world in alternative terms, and they push their students to test out these new, potentially enriching perspectives. Sometimes they do so in ways that are, to say the least, peculiar."
Mark Edmundson, "Geek Lessons" NYT, 2008

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Alberto Frigo: Progress report

Since 2004, different methods have been continuosly performed to create a total documentation throughout 36 years of the life of an individual, namely from his 24th to his 60th year of age. Using a commonly available medium, each method depicts a unique aspect of his life and surrounding. The resulting records are like the languages of a Rosetta stone that have to be actively interpreted and compare. This website is only meant to show-case a selection of the monthly production based on the different continents and sub-continents visited by the documenting individual. Furthermore this website showcase the parallel activities conducted along the actual archive.


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